Adtech 9640 4 Eksen Cnc Kontrol Unitesi
Adtech 9640 4 Eksen Cnc Kontrol Unitesi
Adtech 9640 4 Eksen Cnc Kontrol Unitesi

Adtech 9640 4 Eksen Cnc Kontrol Unitesi (ADT-9640)

İndirim Oranı : %55 İndirim
Fiyat : 2,800.00 $  + KDV
İndirimli : 1,250.00 $  + KDV

Adtech Marka ADT-9640 Cnc Kontrol Ünitesi

4 Eksen Cnc Router Makinenizi Kolayca Kontrol Edebilirsiniz..

Step ve Servo Motorlarla Uyumludur.

Takım içinde Kontrol Paneli, I/O Kartları. 24v Güç Kaynağı ve Kabloları bulunmaktadır.

El Çarkı dahildir.



Function Specification 

● Nano-scale interpolation accuracy; 

● Can be configured according to different user needs stepping, servo driver, to achieve cost performance; 

● Support many kinds of communication methods, like USB, U disk, RS232COM,etc. Easy to help users achieve different data transmission requirements and software upgrades; 

● With a network interface, support for remote monitoring and CNC file transfer processing; 

● An open platform, can be customized according to customer’s requirements; 

● Effect self-diagnosis function, internal and external state of real-time display,alarm immediately if abnormal; 

● Support external additional panel, hand wheel box operation, convenient for the customer tools changing ; 

● Macro variables, macro definition programming, for a variety of logic relations. Support with parameters of macro program invocation, the user more convenient programming; 

● DXF+G code template function, the DXF automatically converted to G code processing; 

● Multiple automatic tool setting methods such as automatic centering and tool setting; 

● The teaching function: teaching +RISC programming, using tabular teaching mode, the teaching method is simple,intuitive; 

● With communication macro instruction, can read MODEBUS bus peripheral data;

● Support absolute servo systems, the system does not need to return to zero; 

● Support Chinese and English, and provide dictionary files. Users can translate into other languages by themselves;



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